Low-Cost. Real-Time. Monitoring PPM to Percent Oil in Many Water Types.

Online Oil-in-Water Sensor for Produced and Process Water Monitoring

Hazardous area oil-in-water monitor
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Hazardous Area 

Manual Cleaning  

C1D2 oil trending instrument
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real-time oil in water detection
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Hazardous Area

Automated Cleaning


Automated Cleaning


Manual Cleaning

O&G Real-Time Monitoring

Water Filtration Breakthrough 

Separation Train Efficiency

Hydraulic Fracturing Re-injection

Offshore Overboard Discharge

Refinery Discharge Water

 Warning of Upset before Damage

Monitoring oil-in-water concentrations in real-time can alert operators to upsets, and give them time to prevent damage to equipment and wells

Other Industrial Applications

Metal Casting Cooling Water

Industrial Process Water

Food Oil Quality Control

Airport Runoff Water

Other Oils that Fluoresce 

OilWatcher Operational Tutorials

Initial Settings

Measurement Principles

  • Fluorescence for 0.1-500 ppm

  • Light Absorption for concentrations >500 ppm

  • Automatic selection of measurement principle

  • Ability to calibrate to high solids/changing water color in different produced water sources

  • 2 sensors in 1!

Measurement Details

Fluorescence is the most widely accepted method for oil-in-water concentration measurements. By combining this technique with light absorption, and with the use of our unique algorithm, the OilWatcher's range of detectable hydrocarbon concentrations is greatly expanded! This dual-modal imaging technique also provides the ability to accurately detect spikes with high reliability.


  • Production: Monitoring process water, chemical effectiveness, produced water discharge and reinjection, separator and filter functionality, refinery separation and discharge water quality

  • Salt Water Disposal: Monitoring oil-in-water concentrations to improve skim oil revenue, and alert operators on high reading to ensure injection equipment is protected from high oil-in-water content

  • Other: metalworking cooling water for casting and hot rolling to detect leaks in hydraulic or lubricant oil, food oils concentration from ppm to 100%, municipal water intake with oil (from refineries in particular), airport runoff 

  • Cost Savings and Enhanced Profitability

  • Immediate Knowledge of Changes in Process

  • Friendly Support Team with Experience in Overcoming Challenges with Produced Water

  • Peace of Mind that Your Process is Running as Expected

Included with Purchase

OilWatcher Control and Measurement Module

1/2" NPT Valves (Manual and/or Automated)

5 gal. Cleaning Fluid Reservoir and Pump

3/4" Chemical Resistant Lines for Cleaning Fluid

Fitting at Requested Size for Process Application

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse for Local Operation

Modbus TCP and RS485 Output​​, 4-20 mA Output

UV and Transmitted Light Calibration Curves

Typical Light Behavior During Calibration (click figure for more info)



  • Measures Oil-in-Water Concentrations from 0.1 mg/L up to 10% (with 4 different configurations)

  • Monitors Trends over time, and Detects Large Changes within Minutes

  • Provides Real-Time and Historical Process Monitoring Data

  • Variable Turbidity Water Mode

Functional Details

The 4 OilWatcher configurations provide 

flexibility to measure oil concentrations in a variety of oily water applications. Data acquisition of concentration trends over an extended period of time give the user valuable knowledge about their produced or process water, its impact on equipment, and the potential for increased revenue from oil capture.

Measurement Configurations

  • Low Concentrations: 0.1 - 20 ppm

    • Ideal for filtration applications in order to monitor filter effectiveness and alert the user when breakthrough occurs​

  • Medium Concentrations: 1 - 500 ppm

    • A wide variety of applications with low oil-in-water concentrations, and the potential for spikes to occur. ​

    • Perfect for discharge, disposal, and reinjection applications.

  • High Concentrations: 10 - 5000 ppm

    • Useful for any oily water application that has the potential for large upsets.​

  • Free Oil: 0.5% - 10% free oil​ in water

Sampling Configurations
  • Online - Side Stream

  • Inline - Flow Through

  • Inline - Probe

  • Single Sample - Flow or Pour and Isolate

  • Submerged or Semi-submerged

Optional Additions

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Chemical Resistant Lines for Process Flow

Larger Cleaning Fluid Reservoir

(for remote sites)

External Equipment Control 

(shut-off valves, process pumps, etc.)


Accuracy of OilWatcher

Accuracy Verification from Calibrated Light Values

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