OilWatcher Benchtop (OWB)

Portable. Reliable. Low-Cost. User-Friendly.

Hydrocarbon Concentration Monitoring using UV Fluorescence Combined with Transmitted Light

Benchtop hydrocarbon detector
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Portable, battery operated, and easy to use, OWB was designed for both field and lab operation

Portable produced water oil measurement
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0.1 ppm - 10%+ oil-in-water concentration range. Crude or processed oils.

Handheld produced water sensor
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User friendly GUI walks through calibration and measurement modes with pop up instructions

OWB Version 202 with Included Accessories

OWB V2 White Background.jpg
OWB V2 w Accessories white background ed
O&G Water Sample Testing

Produced Water

Separation Trains

Hydrofracturing Injection

Offshore Overboard Discharge

Refinery Discharge Water

 Detection of Upset before Damage

Testing oil-in-water concentrations regularly during water treatment stages can help to prevent damage to injection pumps, reinjection wells, and other equipment.

Other Industrial Applications

Metal Casting Cooling Water

Industrial Process Water

Food Oil Quality Control

Airport Runoff Water

Other Oils that Fluoresce 


OWB Operational Tutorials


Measurement Principles

  • Fluorescence for low concentrations

  • Light Transmission for higher concentrations 

  • Automatic selection of measurement principle

  • 2 sensors in 1!


  • Measures Oil-in-Water Concentrations from 0.1 mg/L tp 5000 mg/L

  • Provides Sample Point Data within seconds

  • Accurate over a large range of oil types

Included with Purchase

OWB Control and Measurement Module

Tablet to Log in, Operate, and Download Results

Cuvettes and Caps for Samples 

125 mL Sample Containers

30 mL Sample Containers for Standard Mixtures

Micro Pipettor and Pipettes for Making Samples

25 mL Glass Beaker to Measure Hexane

Cleaning Brush