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Oil-in-Water Monitoring Solutions Spanning Across Industries

Oil-and-Gas Offshore
- Monitor for Upsets due to Treatment Errors
- Regulatory Compliance for Discharge Waters
- Protect Equipment and the Ocean Environment
- Increase Captured Oil Revenue
- Determine Process Efficacy

dreamstime_offshore production rig.jpg

Oil-and-Gas Onshore
- Detect Spikes from Separator Spill-Under
- Regulatory Compliance for Discharge Waters
- Increase Skim Oil Revenue
- Protect Equipment and Disposal Wells
- Monitor Produced Water Quality for Reuse


Metal Working Facilities
- Detect Spikes from Broken Hydraulic Lines
- Monitor Cooling Water to Protect Metals from Contamination
- Monitor for Oil in Heat Exchangers 
- Prevent Discharge of Oil to Municipal
- Protect Equipment and Decrease Budget
- Monitor for Flammable Hydrocarbon Buildup in Sumps

Steel and Metal Plant - Mod for website.jpg

Municipal Water Treatment
- Monitor Incoming Water for Oil Spikes
- Determine the Source of Incoming Oil
- Protect Treatment Equipment and Decrease Costs
- Monitor Effluent to Confirm Treatment Success


Other Applications 
- Cooling Tower Water Monitoring
- Airport Runoff Compliance
- Power Plant Influent/Effluent Monitoring
- Bilgewater Discharge Compliance
- Paper Mill Heat Exchangers

- Desalination Plant Oil-in-Water Detection
- Food and Beverage Quality and Compliance
- Environmental Discharge to Rivers and Oceans
- Hydroelectric Dam Water Quality
- Agriculture Produced Water Monitoring

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