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About Clearview Sensing

Clearview Sensing, Inc. was founded in 2016 to manufacture and market oil-in-water monitors, and to provide services using the monitors. Clearview Sensing strives to bring cutting-edge water quality monitoring technology and innovations to market, and has set out to expand the use of oil-in-water sensors by making affordable monitors readily available on the market.


Oil-in-water monitoring technologies at Clearview Sensing are applicable in any situation where crude oil, refined oils, or other hydrocarbons in water may be present in water. These include: onshore and offshore (including subsea) production facilities, salt water disposal (SWD) facilities and wells, wastewater treatment plants, refineries, airports, offshore oil spill monitoring, and more. Regardless of your application, location, and budget, Clearview Sensing has a water quality monitor for you!


At present, we offer an online real time oil-in-water monitor (OilWatcher) and an offline, portable sample analyzer for oil in water and oil in soil (OWB). OilWatcher has been designed to measure trending oil concentrations and detect large changes in real-time, at a distinctly lower cost than that previously available on the market. We aim for the monitor to be highly advantageous to oil-field customers, especially in the current low oil price environment, and to customers in other industries for their implementation of monitoring solutions.

OWB was launched in 2018 to fill a need for low-cost, portable oil-in-water detection. This configuration uses the same technology as OilWatcher, but in an easy-to-handle bench-top design. The range of oil concentrations is higher for OWB (up to 1% oil-in-water for light oils), but still follows the goal of being the lowest cost bench-top oil-in-water monitor of its type on the market.


We have also developed monitors using advanced microscopic imaging technologies. These monitors perform in-depth analysis of water to provide highly accurate measurements of oil content, droplet sizes, solids content and other water characteristics. Some of the unique capabilities of these monitors are characterization of oil-coated solids and high speed flow. More information on these technologies is available by request.

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