Applicable OilWatcher Models

for Municipal Water Treatment

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OilWatcher 43A

Manual resized.jpg

OilWatcher 41B/42A

43B final.png

OilWatcher 43B

C1D2 Manual Cleaning OW

OilWatcher 42H

Municipal Water Treatment

OilWatcher Features and Benefits

Real-Time Detection of Oil-in-Water Concentrations that Exceed Treatment and Discharge Limitations

Proprietary Dual-Modal Imaging Technology Accurately Detects Oil Even When Solids are Present in the Water

Detectable Range of 0 ppm up to 10% Hydrocarbon-in-Water Concentrations (Crude, Processed Oils, Fuels)

Accuracy Equivalent or Better than Laboratory Analysis. Most Accurate Oil Detection with High Solids Present

Integrated Pump and Valve Control in All Models. 3-Way Valve for Diversion Control Standard in Model 43B

Automated Cleaning Configuration (43 Series) to Reduce Maintenance Requirements On-Site. Manual Cleaning Configuration for Typically Clean Water

And With All of These Features, OilWatcher is Still the Lowest Cost Oil-in-Water Monitor Available!