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Applicable OilWatcher Models for
Municipal Water Treatment System

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OilWatcher Automated Cleaning Oil-in-Water Monitor 43A
OilWatcher Manual Cleaning 41B/42A Hydrocarbon Detector
OilWatcher Automated Discharg Point Oil-in-Water Analyzer 43B
C1D1 Automated Cleaning (zoomed out).png

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Detection of Oil-in-Water Concentrations that Exceed Treatment and Discharge Limitations

Proprietary Dual-Modal Imaging Technology Accurately Detects Oil Even When Solids are Present in the Water

Detectable Range of 0 ppm up to 10% Hydrocarbon-in-Water Concentrations (Crude, Processed Oils, Fuels)

Accuracy Equivalent or Better than Laboratory Analysis. Most Accurate Oil Detection with High Solids Present

Integrated Pump and Valve Control in All Models.

Automated Cleaning Configuration to Reduce Maintenance Requirements On-Site. Manual Cleaning Configuration for Typically Clean Water

And With All of These Features, OilWatcher is Still the Lowest Cost Oil-in-Water Monitor Available!

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