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OWB for
Analysis of Oil in Water Grab Samples

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OilWatcher Bench top Oil-in-Water Analyzer
OilWatcher Bench-Top Hydrocarbon Sensor

Features and Benefits

Grab Sample Analysis Developed for an Expanded Range of Oil-in-Water Concentrations Comparably

Proprietary Dual-Modal Imaging Technology Provides a Greatly Expanded Range Compared to Standard Laser Induced Fluorescence Analyzers

Detectable Range of 0 ppm up to 10%+ Hydrocarbon-in-Water Concentrations (Crude, Processed Oils, Fuels)

Accuracy Better than Laboratory Analysis. Hexane Extraction Eliminates Contaminants from Samples

Automatic selection of best parameters for acquiring data to obtain accurate results

Begin Testing Right Away! All Needed Accessories are INCLUDED with Your Purchase (Except Hexane)

OWB Offers High Detection Accuracy, a Much Larger Range, and All of the Accessories to Get Started.

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