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SheenWatcher for
Fire Code Compliance for Storm Runoff Stations

SheenWatcher Surface Oil-on-Water Detection System
SheenWatcher Data Sheet

Features and Benefits

Instantly Detect Surface Oil Buildup in Order to Stay in Compliance with Fire Code Standards (NFPA 502)

Designed for Storm Runoff Sump Pump Stations, Discharge/Treatment Water Ponds, Oceans and Rivers

Detectable Range of Crude Oil: 1 micron at 6' vertical, and 5 Micron at 20' and 45 Degrees

Detectable Range of Motor Oil/Gas/Diesel: < 1 mm

New Application for Proprietary OilWatcher Technology. Early Warning of Fuel Spills, Hydraulic Line Breaks/Leaks, and Separator Spill-Under

Regulatory Compliance for EPA Discharge of Oil Regulation "Sheen Rule" 40 CFR 110

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