Applicable Models for

Sump Pump Stations

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OilWatcher 43A

OilWatcher 43H

Sump Pump Stations

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Detection of Fuel and Oil Spills into Storm Runoff Sump Pump Stations. Fire Code Compliance (NFPA 502) for New Developments

Proprietary Dual-Modal Imaging Technology Accurately Tracks Oil with Solids Present and Varying in the Water

Detectable Range of sub-ppm up to 10% Hydrocarbon-in-Water Concentrations (Crude, Processed Oils, Fuels)

Accuracy Equivalent or Better than Laboratory Analysis. Most Accurate Oil Detection with High Solids Present

Integrated Pump and Valve Control in All Models. 3-Way Valve for Diversion Control Standard in Model 43B

Automated Cleaning Configuration (43 Series) to Reduce Maintenance Requirements (Recommended)

And With All of These Features, OilWatcher is Still the Lowest Cost Oil-in-Water Monitor Available!

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