Technical Support Services

Installation and Commissioning

  • Phone Assistance at Startup (included with purchase)

  • Login to OilWatcher for Troubleshooting (included with purchase)

  • On-site Visits for Installation, Commissioning, and Operation

Technical Support

  • 1-Year Included with Purchase

  • Engineers Available to Help with Installation, Calibration, and Operation

  • Ability to Login to OilWatcher or Receive Reports to Provide Remote Assistance

Extended Technical Support

  • Online Technical Support Beyond the First Year, for a Nominal Cost

  • Assistance with New Calibrations and Operations

  • Analysis of Changes to Water and Recommendations for OilWatcher Use

Monthly Support Service

  • Verification and Update on OilWatcher Operations

  • Lab Testing of Samples

  • Monthly Reports on Statistics and Changes to Process Water Stream

Continuous Operational Service

  • Monthly Support Service Plan, Plus:

    • Continuous Monitoring of OilWatcher Operation and Data Trends

    • Daily Updates and Weekly Reports on Trends and Conditions

    • Alerts when Spikes, Upsets, or Other Major Changes Occur

Custom Service Plan

  • For any additional services beyond the Monthly or Continuous Service Plans

    • Can include more frequent lab analysis of samples, regular on-site visits, and additional operational support. ​

    • We will tailor a service plan to your needs.

OilWatcher Operational Tutorials

Initial Settings

OWB Operational Tutorials